Shelf Signs - Home with Heart

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0.50 LBS

I have created each individual "Shelf Sign” to be used in the home as a unique accent piece for any room in the house.

Each sign is handcrafted using food safe Epoxy Resin mixed with pigment powders and other color additives. 

These signs say "Home" with a heart in place of the "O" and both sparkle. The blue sparkle has a light ocean blue theme with some darker blue flakes and translucent areas. The indigo flowers and gold variation is filled with indigo flower petals and golden flakes.

All Nancy’s Color Studio art pieces are painted by hand so each one is entirely unique and may have some bubbles and color variations. Some imperfections are part of the charm of these special items.

No two are alike!


For express orders please contact Nancys Color Studio


Dimensions: Each 10" x 3.35"


Heat Resistant



Wash with warm soapy water. 

Items can be wiped down with a warm soapy cloth, rinsed and dried.


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