Flower Bowl Set - Blue Gray

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Flower Bowl Set - Blue Gray


The Flower bowl collection came about when using a beautiful resin mold that I found.

I have created each individual “Flower Bowl” to be used in the home as a unique accent piece

for any room in the house.

They make great serving pieces, for nuts, candy or anything you choose.

Each bowl is handcrafted using food safe epoxy resin mixed with pigment powders and other color additives. 

Trimmed in gold leaf style paint, adding a touch of elegance to each one.


Some imperfections in each bowl are part of the charm of these special items.

No two are alike.



Includes one of each size for a total of 3 Flower Bowls in the set:


Large  7” x 2.5”


Medium  6” x 2.5” 


Small  4” x 2.5”



Food Safe

Heat Resistant



Wash with warm soapy water. 

All Nancy’s Color Studio art pieces are painted by hand so each one is entirely unique! The art is coated with a food safe resin so can be used to serve food safely. While it will stand up to gentle use, we do not recommend cutting directly on the art to avoid scratching the glossy finish. After use, items can be wiped down with a warm soapy cloth, rinsed and dried. We do not recommend these items for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher.


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