Custom Designs

Custom orders are created by collaborating with my clients. We discuss the size and shape of the project, the colors that they prefer. I love getting color samples, either of cabinetry, fabric or paint color. I usually like to create small samples of different techniques to share with my client before I proceed with the piece. I can create many special items for the home, including large dining table tops, game table tops, small side table tops, lazy susans, trays, bowls and coaster sets. I also can provide “hairpin table legs” for table tops in a variety of colors and heights.

I love doing custom projects to help a client add a unique piece for their home. The time frame for delivery of a project will vary depending on if I have to have wood custom cut for me, and how large the project is. I prep, create and have to allow time for the epoxy resin to cure, usually at least a week for larger projects.

There is no better feeling for me as an artist to see the final creation in my clients' homes and in use!

Can’t wait to work on the next custom order! xo,